Power Generation

SSS has deployed automation systems for hydro-power generating plants. All important functions related to operating a hydroelectric plant are implemented through close coordination between SIRIUS and various IEDs installed in the plant such as Start/Stop generating unit, Speed Raise/Lower, Power Increase/Decrease, Control Modes .

Solutions Offered

  • Supply of turnkey solution including hardware & software
  • Generator Synchronization
  • Plant Control
  • Process Visualization & Control
  • Time Synchronization
  • SOE & fault recording

Key Projects

Chilime, Nepal – 2x11MW Hydro Plant

The SCADA system commissioned for the hydro-power plant implements the following functionality.



  • Communication with governor controller, PLCs, temperature scanners.
  • Sequential Start/Stop of each unit
  • Power/Flow setpoints, Voltage Raise/Lower, Excitation On/OFF etc.
  • Monitoring and control of plant common electrical equipment like circuit breakers, isolators, protection relays etc.
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