Power Distribution

Synergy Systems & Solutions, has experience of ~10 years in the field of power distribution automation. SSS primary expertise is in field-level automation and integration of substations, protection IEDs, distribution transformers, RMUs, reclosers, etc.

Solutions Offered

  • Centralized Monitoring and Control of Distribution Networks
  • Remote & Local monitoring and control of substations
  • Energy auditing facilities
  • Centralized fault record collection
  • Secured remote access to substation IEDs (Remote Accessibility System, RAS)
  • Automated Metering Infrastructure
  • Substation Modernization - upgraded with solutions like digital IEDs, RTU/Gateway, and Substation Automation Systems.
  • Distribution Transformer Monitoring
  • Monitoring and control of distribution feeders over 3G/4G network
  • Intelligent load shedding & restoration, self-healing grids

Quick Facts

  • RTU/ DCU for Grid Substations – 9 utilities
  • HUSKY RTUs Supplied – ~500

Key Projects

IIT Kanpur – SCADA for Smart City Pilot Project

Electrical Department of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, undertook an initiative under Smart City programme of ISGF for demonstration of smart grid solutions on a pilot basis within the IITK campus.



  • Centralized SCADA for monitoring and control of 11kV network
  • RTUs for 33kV, 11kV substations
  • HT & LT load monitoring
  • Power quality monitoring
  • R&D test bed for students and researchers
  • Interface with third-party MDM application
Success Story


  • Centralized SCADA for monitoring and control of 11kV network
  • Feeder RTUs for pole-mounted auto-reclosers
  • Outage monitoring and fault event recording
  • Annunciation at substation level for feeder lockout
  • SMS notification to maintenance team on feeder lockout
Application note

PVVNL – Auto-recloser monitoring and control for Industrial Feeders

PVVNL a distribution utility in Uttar Pradesh, has implemented a project wherein auto-reclosers have been deployed on industrial feeders for speedy restoration of feeders in case of transient faults.



TPDDL – Data concentrator units for grid substations

The project involved provision of RTUs as DCUs for interfacing with substation IEDs on varied protocols, and providing a common interface towards SCADA.



  • SCADA communications with 3 master stations over IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  • Interface with protection IEDs over IEC61850, IEC 60870-5-103/104, LON, SPA protocols
  • Redundant architecture

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