Synergy Systems & Solutions provides solutions for industrial automation requirements for a varied range of industries, using its range of generic products along with tailored or third-party products. The technology / solutions offered can be easily deployed for virtually any industry requiring automation.

Services Offered

  • Integrated Real-time Control Systems & Automation Solutions
  • Standards-compliant solution engineering
  • New / Retrofit / Upgrade / Expansion of Control Systems – Substations, Control Centers, Terminal Automation, Railway Traction Monitoring and control, Remote Telemetry
  • Integration with proprietary or legacy systems
  • Integration with business processes / applications
  • Tailored software and/or hardware solutions for project- specific needs
  • Cyber security for automation networks & systems
  • Value Added Services
  • Technical Support
    • Design & Planning Support
    • Training
    • Life-cycle support services of systems
    • OEM support for partners and associates

Domain Knowledge

  • Software Development
  • Project-specific application/algorithm
  • Specific user-interface requirements
  • Communication Protocols
  • Embedded Hardware / Software Development
  • Specialty Hardware
  • Proof of Concept
  • Communication Networks & Topologies
  • Cyber Security Standards (IEC 62351, NERC/CIP, IEEE1686)
  • Deciphering, Development of Legacy Protocols
  • Protocol Capture and analysis
  • Decoding of protocol sequences
  • Implementation and Integration with SCADA/RTU/DCU
  • Machine-learning and Data Analytics
  • Forecasting algorithms
  • Pattern recognition & failure prediction

Industry Segments

Railway Transportation

Synergy Systems & Solutions, has experience almost 20 years in the field of power distribution automation for Railway Transportation. SSS is proud to have its SCADA solutions operating on over 65% of the electrified network of Indian Railways, using our in-house standards-based, and proven products. SSS is an approved vendor by RDSO, the nodal agency for standardization in Indian Railways.

Power Distribution

Synergy Systems & Solutions, has experience of ~10 years in the field of power distribution automation. SSS primary expertise is in field-level automation and integration of substations, protection IEDs, distribution transformers, RMUs, reclosers, etc.

Power Transmission

Synergy Systems & Solutions, has experience of 20 years in the field of power transmission automation solutions. Presently, SSS is one of the leading players in electric utility operation and control in India.

Power Generation

SSS has deployed automation systems for hydro-power generating plants. All important functions related to operating a hydroelectric plant are implemented through close coordination between SIRIUS and various IEDs installed in the plant such as Start/Stop generating unit, Speed Raise/Lower, Power Increase/Decrease, Control Modes.

Oil & Gas

Synergy Systems & Solutions, has experience of over 25 years in the field of Oil & Gas automation - from refineries to pipelines to terminals. SSS provides in-house solutions for pipelines, terminal automation in conjunction with third-party hardware and software for a turnkey solution. SSS also has experience in simulation studies for oil transportation pipelines.